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Dear visitor,

If you are visiting this website probably you are looking for a place where to spend your next holidays. Sicily is on the best place for this. Or maybe you already booked a property in Catania with us. We want to reassure you that we care about you, your family/friend and your holiday, therefore, we want to give you some news about the current situation on the coronavirus in Sicily.

As you have read about the government in northern Italy for a few weeks, there is a virus called Coronavirus that, due the massive attention on media, is creating some misunderstanding.

We want to tell you right away that, despite the exaggerations of the press and the media, the infections affect a small part of the population and are concentrated in some regions of Northern Italy. Sicily is currently a safe and risk-free area.
Sicily counts 7 cases in the whole region (6milions of people), 1 in Catania, see the attached map updated to 6th of March .

We would also like to specify that, based on official declarations the virus does not have a pandemic development and that Italy is managing this emergency in the best way.
The regional health department stresses that all the cases ascertained in Sicily would have links with the risk areas of Northern Italy, therefore there would be no autochthonous outbreak.

As a precaution, the Italian government is adopting procedures to stem the infection, which however does not concern a virus with a high risk of death. All the deaths concern people who already had serious physical problems and, most of them, at an advanced age.

We reiterate that Sicily is not affected by mass contagion and, therefore, we advise you not to put your holiday at risk. We encourage you to keep your reservation and to follow the updates. From our side, you will have all the support and so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We are sure that in a few days there will be good news. The Italian government is doing well in the areas affected by the virus.
I hope this email can reassure you.

We will be waiting for you in #Catania

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